Canine health is something that must be catered for, even before bringing your puppy home, meaning and starting with the obvious “motherhood statement” that “prevention is better than cure”.

We are certainly not Veterinarians, but we do have a vast range of canine health experience and certainly are only too ready to listen to the expertise and wisdom of vetenary professionals and happy to pass on our observations to our puppys’ families and teams.

As always, we welcome your thoughts and suggestions and give credit to those professionals identified for their expertise and frank and forthright opinions in the interest of canine welfare.

Dietary Requirements

A high protein diet will keep your Rottweiler from becoming overweight since the proteins are excreted through kidneys and not stored as fat. An adult Rottweiler should be served dog food that contains 22% to 26% protein, while a puppy should be served puppy food that contains 24% to 28% protein. A puppy needs more protein in their diet because they are still growing and need the extra protein to develop muscles and build strength. 

Your dog’s food should only contain small amounts of fat which should never be listed anonymously as animal fat, but should appear as chicken fat or beef fat. The healthy amount of fat content in your dog’s food should be around 12% to 16% for an adult Rottweiler, and 14% to 18% for a puppy. As with protein, puppies can consume a larger amount of fat than adults because they are still growing and have high energy. Fat does not equal substance anymore in a dog than it does in humans. If your Rottweiler eats foods high in fat, they will become overweight. 

Your Rottweiler’s food should never contain chemical preservatives, sugar, or artificial colour. There is zero nutritional value for a dog in any of these ingredients. They can potentially even be harmful to consume.