Eminem vom hause Edelstein

Frozen semen

Here at Vom Hause Kali kennels we strive to produce the best Rottweilers and have purchased frozen semen of Eminem vom Hause Edelstein to incorporate into our own lineage of dogs. Vom hause Edelstein lines are one of the best renowned kennels based in Croatia. Eminem Vom Hause Edelstein is a young champion who has been awarded Multi best males & so much more, Here at Kali kennels, we will be using Eminem vom hause Edelstein to maintain the perfect Rottweiler type Eminem is a large male weighing in at 60kg and has a very large bone structure with exceptional markings. We have all the health clearances required, including all DNA results and has exceptional semen quality. Eminem will be used in one of our best females here at Kali kennels so there is no doubt we will have one of the best lines in the upcoming years. Eminem has been used all around the world, and we cannot wait to see the absolute quality he is going to produce in our kennel. We are very fortunate that we have many Edelstein bloodlines in our kennels, and Eminem will be one more addition to the renowned lineage out of Croatia.



Racko of Torma hause

Frozen Semen


Racko of torma house is another exception male that we will be using in our kennel that originally got produced in Serbia. We are very fortunate to have acquired some frozen semen from this exceptional line which has the Famous TK’s  ivan the great who is the sire which is such a big boned and muscular male and more important, has the famous Timit Tor linage also. Timit tor is renowned in Serbia for producing that extra large head type and in this line we have the famous Rex timit tor and Fiesta timit tor who are both extreme rottweilers. We will be creating a line of dogs that hopefully have the same big boned,very dark and astonishing head types we have seen so far.



WE are very blessed to announce that we have semen from an absolute beautiful male named Vypa JNr,

This Male is an extremely large boy weighing in at 65kg and his grandfather is the famous viper von der Alten Festung who got imported from America for an astonishing amount of money then got sold to china a few years later. Viper was multi v1 –multi bos and multi best of the breed.Vypa JNR is a very muscular very big-headed boy with a short muzzle and his temperament is to die for. Such a solid boy that we will also be using him in our breeding program in 2023, and know dought in my mind the absolute Rottweiler will be producing the most amazing quality of pups